Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Accusculpt: The Enemy of Father Time

Hello! It has been a while. I have noticed over time that people come to visit our hospital to look younger. It is said that Father Time is never defeated....but we can tell him to come a little later. You see people often associate anti-aging procedures with Botox and while Botox is a popular procedure, some people have different needs. Today I would like to introduce Accu-Sculpt. It is a procedure that we here at GNG provide to people wishing to get rid of fat or sagging skin.

Accu-Sculpt procedure uses a laser machine that is known to effectively and quickly remove facial fat in the face to create a slender and more prominent face line while at the same time facilitating elasticity of the skin.
Accusculpt is FDA, and CE approved in Europe and in the States and also has a worldwide patent; therefore you can conclude that it is a safe machine. The doctor will design the fat extraction area prior to surgery and once the melting process is complete, the fat is extracted using micro extraction. It is also known to give a lifting effect because it promotes collagen production in the skin tissue by stimulating the skin area.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Choosing the Right Material for Rhinoplasty.

Hello, so we realized that many of you don't understand how cartilage is used in nose surgery. So today we would like to explain to the best of our ability how it works and the process behind choosing the material. 

Select the best nasal tip implant material for individual!
Septum Cartilage                         Ear Cartilage

Area of Extraction                      Area of Extraction 

Prior to surgery, GNG Hospital analyzes the amount and solidity of cartilage through 3D-CT scan. After examinations, the best material for surgery is selected and implanted on the nasal tip. With our know-how methods, we also minimize the chance of inflammation and provide after care to lessen the scarring.

         (Insert full Cartilage)                     (Grind Into Powder for Use)

Depending on your procedure, the doctor will determine the right use of the two different kinds of cartilage! 

I hope this post helped you all!!!!!!! Till next time! 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Winter and Rhinoplasty

It is the heart of winter right now and many people wonder about how this can affect surgery. Its summer and spring a better time than fall and winter? How does the cold affect the nose post-rhinoplasty? I'm sure many of you had these questions, but they were such mundane questions so you probably didn't think much of it at the same time. The key to rhinoplasty in the winter is actually not the cold, but rather the dryness. As you all know the nose is used as a filter for your body. However, in the winter people tend to stay indoors with the heat on. This causes extreme levels of dryness that are comparable to the Sahara Desert in Africa. Therefore, it is not the winter cold that is harmful, but the everyday habits of most people in the winter that affect the results of surgery. Today I would like to help all of you make sure that you stay warm, but inform you of how to set the atmosphere for post-surgery rhinoplasty.


A Humidifier is a must in the winter. Heat rises in the room and causes the room to be stuffy because the hot air never leaves the room. As a result heat from the heater only dries out the room without replenishing the room with new liquids in the air. Not only is this bad for your skin, but it is detrimental to your nose. Your nose will get dried up and crusty. When your nose is healing from operation, you should be able to make sure that the inside of your nose is moist for optimal conditions. That is why we highly recommend having a humidifier in your house in order to make sure the air is not so dry.

Drink A LOT of Fluids

We cannot stress  this enough. Your nose thrives off of the abundance of bodily fluids. However, while people drink a lot in the summer because they are hot, many of us tend to drink less in the winter. You can fill up on humidifiers and different types of lotions, but many people don't realize that the main reason why they have dry skin discomfort in their nose is because they don't hydrate their body well enough. It is actually imperative that one drinks a lot of water during the winter because of the dryness of the environment. Don't forget it!

Saline Spray or Gel and Salt Water

Post surgery, it takes time for the mucus production to return to normal levels. The functionality of the nose is hindered because of the surgery performed on it. Therefore the use of saline spray or gel will help keep the nose moist and maintain levels that are ideal for the nose to recover from surgery. This is not only for the winter time, but for the summertime as well. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Post-Operation Skincare

So today we would like to introduce our post operation skin care. Many people don't realize because plastic surgery could affect your skin that post operation skincare is essential to getting optimum results. Your skin will most likely be swelling and you will also have to take care of your skin so you don't scar up after surgery. Our hospital considers this a very vital part of the plastic surgery experience. Why would anybody want to make the difficult decision to have a procedure done, only to have their skin not look good.

Everybody probably remembers when they were a kid and they got bruised or scratched. You would apply medication or put an ice bag against the bruise to stop the swelling. However if you picked at a scab or didn't ice the bruise, the effects would last longer or in some cases last a lifetime. Here at GNG we provide a step by step post-operation program to ensure that your skin looks as good, if not better than it was prior to the operation.

We provide hyperbaric chamber treatment post-operation because it aids the healing process. High pressure oxygen saturates the hemoglobins in your blood to aid the healing.

We also have infrared ray treatment that  help calm nerves, relieves pain, and soothes muscles. It stimulates cell growth and is effective in healing scars.

 Another aspect that is important post-operation is the treatment of your skin.Through high frequency treatment and low-level-light-therapy we also make sure that your skin comes out of this experience better than before!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

GNG Customized Thread Lifting

l  What is Customized Thread Lifting?

GNG specialists insert customized thread 
and lift up the patient’s skin layer tight 
so that the deep wrinkles and sagging skin can be improved. 
There’s no incision needed, 
and the thread gets dissolved by itself in 6 months. 
So you can go back to your daily life right after the procedure!

l  Benefits of GNG Customized Thread Lifting

-       Lifts Up the Deep Wrinkles and Sagging Skin Tight

GNG uses customized long thread 
which has a strong support. 
It lifts up the sagging skin and deep wrinkles tight, 
so you can achieve a smooth V-line effect even without a surgery.

-       Uses a Cog Thread

GNG uses a cog thread for the thread lifting, 
which clings to the skin well and enhances the longevity. 
Also, as the thread melts inside the skin tissue, 
it produces collagen, which creates a voluminous, elastic skin. 

-       Performs the Lifting Procedure with Customized Threads

Fully experienced GNG specialists perform the Lifting procedure 
with customized threads. 
It gives you the most natural, younger look!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Help, GNG! My Nose Got a Contracture!

l  What is a Contracture?

If an inflammation happens inside a nose after a rhinoplasty, 
the nose might be contracted. 
This is called Contracture, 
and it leads to upturning, redness on the nose, and thinning skin. 
Most clinics/hospitals have those patients wait at least 6 months for a revision, 
but GNG can perform a reconstruction earlier 
by quickening a recovery with GNG’s know-how.

l   Before & After of GNG Nose Reconstruction

-       Capsular Contracture

-       Inflammation or Necrosis

-       Implants popped out of the skin

-       Nostril Deformation

-       Sunken Collumerlar

-       Sunken Skin

l  Benefits of GNG Nose Reconstruction

-       8 steps of Reconstruction Care System

GNG has 8 steps of Reconstruction Care System 
that helps the fastest recovery before & after the operation.

Prior to Operation (Step 1~5)

Step 1: Prior to operation, 
GNG provides the patient with the full body examination 
with the university hospital devices, 
and finds the reason why a Contracture happened to prevent it.

Step 2: Based on the examination data, 
our specialist makes a surgery plan that only suits you.

Step 3: The specialist removes the original implants 
which caused a Contracture.

Step 4: We provide the patient with a PRP injection 
to stimulate skin recovery.

Step 5: Then a PDRN injection is given to the patient 
for the tissue recovery and anti-inflammation care.

Step 6: For a strong support on the bridge, 
your own rib cartilage is the best material! 
GNG specialists can perform nose reconstruction
 with rib cartilage and skin graft, 
which only can be done by full-experienced specialists.

Step 7: After the surgery, 
GNG provides the patients with Oxygen treatment and LED treatment 
to prevent inflammation by stimulating blood circulation.

Step 8: GNG provides the patients with a nutrition injection as well 
to stimulate metabolism and fast recovery.

-       No Need to Wait 6 Months for a Revision

Compared to other hospital 
who have their patients wait more than 6 months for a revision,
 GNG shortens that period 
by concentrated skin tissue treatment such as PRP, PDRN injection.
 So our patients need to wait only 1-2 months to get a revision!

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